Sarah is our VP of Product Development. It you ever wondered where all of the insane flavors of natural peanut butter come from...look no further. Sarah is a busy mom to one amazingly sweet little girl who really loves the best peanut butter. In fact, she recently called her mom the "Peanut Butter Master" after the creation of a much beloved new flavor DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY ESPRESSO Peanut Butter. Sarah is out at the markets with Lisa listening to what our customers want and need in new gluten free products. As a former attorney, Sarah is our resident fact checker. She is the one who puts together our nutritional information and education for our customers.
VP Product Development
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Her all natural peanut butter are unbeatable. That's right. They are healthy and delicious. We even have a special peanut butter for those of you who are hooked on jif or skippy. It's name - Sweet n' Salty. It's got the sweet taste you love with a hint of salt, but none of the trans fats or added oils. It's just organic cane sugar, peanuts, and French sea salt. What is healthy alternative to the commercial peanut butters.

If you want to go really healthy, why not try Hemp Peanut Butter with the full spectrum of amino acids, anti-oxidents, and more. Or, try something a little sweeter like Omega. It's loaded with flax seeds, cranberries, and dark chocolate. When it comes to peanut butter brands we have the competition beat on selection and creativity.

If you love to cook, try sautéed Asian greens with Spicy Sesame peanut butter or rock the Congalees flavors or Muamba with smoking hot pepper. There is something for everyone in our line of natural peanut butter.
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