Chris is the visionary behind our all natural products brand. She developed the original concept for our organic granola, the logo, packaging, and the base gluten free product line. She's been eating all natural for as long as we can remember. We could tell you a few stories about carob cupcakes and kale chips. Chris is a proud cancer survivor and she puts that winning attitude into everything she does, including growing this Michigan business into an every expanding female run enterprise. Chris is our in house accontant. Her years of business management and food experience are an invaluable part of our company. Chris supervises the production side of the business, ensuring that every single all natural product, whether its a jar of her amazing jam, a fresh roasted batch of crunchy granola, or one of our crazy new healthy peanut butters, meets our quality standards. Our goal isn't to have you say, "yeah, this is good". Our goal is to stop you dead in your tracks with our superior quality and taste and Chris makes that happen for every customer every time.
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Her all natural almond butters are unbeatable. That's right. They are healthy and delicious. Unlike many commercial almond butters, you won't find an inch of oil on the top of our jars. Your raw almond butter is ground fresh for your order. In fact, we hear that it's the best almond butter our customers have ever tried.

Our all natural almond butter comes in six fun flavors.If you want to go really healthy, why not try Hemp Almond Butter with the full spectrum of amino acids, anti-oxidents, and more. Or, try something a little sweeter like White Chocolate Cranberry. When it comes to gluten free snacking we have the competition beat on selection and creativity.

There is something for everyone in our line of natural almond butter. I love it spread over apple slices or turned into the best fondue you'll ever taste. Check us out on Pinterest and Facebook for tons of delicious recipes for almond butter and for information about the difference between almond butter and peanut butter.
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