Are your products Gluten Free?
All of our nut butters & jams are gluten free products. We also sell gluten free snacks and snack mixes at the markets.

Are your all natural products vegan?
You can check each product in our shop for a vegan logo. 95% of our products are vegan.

Are your products dairy free?
All of our organic oatmeals and organic granolas are dairy free.

Do you add salt?
No, our organic oatmeals, grains, artisan jams, and crunchy granolas have no added salt. For the nut butters, except for Sweet 'n Salty & our Chocolate Varieties none have added salt. You can check the nutritional information on each product.

Do your products require refrigeration?
Once you open the artisan jam, you need to refrigerate it. Our healthy peanut butters, raw almond butters, and other items do not require refrigeration.

How long will my natural peanut butter last?
1 year (but we think you will gobble it all up in a week)

How long will my artisan jam last?
Unopened it is good for 2 years. Once you open one of our artisan jams, you should consume it in 1-2 months.

How can I get more of your all natural products?
We ship all over the US. Check out our shop for more all natural products, gluten free snacks, and all natural granola.

What can I do with my all natural products?
Check us out on Facebook and Pinterest for tons of recipe ideas. I love baked oatmeal and the loads of healthy peanut butter recipes we've pinned for you.

What are your favorite products?
Well, for Lisa it's Rosemary Garlic Peanut Butter with fresh green beans. Christine loves to start her day with organic yogurt topped with blueberries and Cranberry Almond Granola. Sarah's favorite treat is our Multigrain Cereal with coconut milk, strawberries, and shredded unsweetened coconut. But our customers seem to think that White Chocolate Raspberry Peanut Butter is the best peanut butter we make.

Where can I buy your products?
If you don't want to purchase our all natural products online, you can buy many of our items directly from us at local Michigan Farmers' Markets. Check out our markets section for the latest on where we will be.

Unsweetened Granolas
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