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Healthy Snacking for Kids

by thegranolatree - July 11th, 2013.
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So I decided to put together a little sheet on the difference between serving veggies with ranch dressing or with peanut butter.  Below are the results of the nutritional comparison.  As you can see, peanut butter is lower in fat, sodium, and higher in protein.  I also love that you can out out a mixed tray with fruit and veggies when you are serving peanut butter.  Ranch is only good on veggies.  My personal favorite natural peanut butter for dipping is Rosemary Garlic, but the kids seem to love Chocolate Butterscotch.  

peanut butter v ranch
The other thing I love about The Granola Tree Peanut Butter is that you know that it is GLUTEN FREE.  With ranch, some are, some aren’t.

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