Lisa is our VP of Marketing. She is out there at the markets every week testing our line of all natural products, getting customer feedback, and helping to expand access to our gluten free products. Lisa left her ten year career as manager of Arbor Brewing to start our business. As a busy mom of two beautiful girls she is dedicated to living and eating the most simple and natural way possible. She really understands how hard it can be for all of the moms out there to feed their families natural, wholesome foods when you are under the constant pressure and stress of today's busy lifestyle. But, when you have one child with a peanut allergy and the other with Celiac Disease, you really learn to hunker down and get natural no matter what. Her experiences help drive us to make our natural food line affordable and accessible to every family.
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Our commitment gluten free products comes from Lisa's own family struggle with Celiac disease and the constant need to find healthy, gluten free snacks. Our natural peanut butters are all gluten free. So are our raw almond butters - all 8 flavors. If you don't like natural peanut butters or raw almond butters, you can check out our line of gourmet artisan jams. Swing by a market to try some out in person. We love sharing samples of our gluten free products with our customers at the farmers' markets.

Want some inside information? Lisa's favorite gluten free snack is healthy peanut butter on freshly picked green beans. She loves the combination of Rosemary Garlic Peanut Butter and green beans. For her kids, it's Chocolate Butterscotch Peanut Butter with carrots. Don't knock it until you try it. They think we make the best peanut butter on the market.

At our house, we love Spicy Mexican Peanut Butter Humus with some crispy tortilla chips for a nice afternoon snack.
VP Marketing
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