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Buy organic cereal today. Our organic oatmeal brand makes a great all natural cereal for a heart healthy breakfast. I love cooking the perfect bowl of organic oatmeal for breakfast. My favorite organic oatmeal recipe is for baked organic oatmeal with apples and cinnamon. Check out our facebook page for that organic oatmeal recipe and more fun things to do with our all natural products. Even kids love our organic oatmeal.

Our organic, old fashioned rolled oats are super simple to prepare. Just 2 minutes in the microwave while youíre pouring your morning cup of coffee and you have a healthy, delicious breakfast of organic oatmeal. My favorite is our Raspberry Coconut, but on a cold morning I do love Banana Bread or Date Walnut. When Iím serving brunch, I like to prepare our Cranberry Orange or Orange Spice with some freshly chopped berries and coconut milk.

We even have a line of Scottish Oatmeals including Heart Start, Multi grain, and plain organic steel cut oats. The trick to making the perfect bowl of steel cut oats is to cook them overnight in the crock pot. The result is a batch of steel cuts oats that are creamy and delicious. Try adding fresh berries to your steel cut oats to power up your morning munch. I even sprinkle our all natural granola on the organic oatmeal to add a little crunch. Some of our multigrain and heart healthy varieties of steel cut oats add barley, flax seeds, red lentils, and brown rice to increase the fiber and protein of your healthy breakfast.

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