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Buy all natural granola today. Our all natural granola brand makes a great all natural cereal for a heart healthy breakfast. I love putting our all natural granola on berries or in a bowl of yogurt. My favorite all natural granola recipes is for overnight crock pot organic granola with apples and cinnamon. In the summer you can always dip a banana in natural peanut butter or raw almond butter and roll it in all natural granola and then freeze for a healthier cold snack. Check out our facebook page for that all natural granola recipe and more fun things to do with our all natural products.

All natural granola is great for your heart health. Eating 1 serving of oats, five times per week can lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Oatmeal also helps stabilize blood sugar and increase mental clarity. Our organic granolas are lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup or honey. We donít use refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup to clump our all natural granola together. We only use premium ingredients like naturally dried fruits and Michigan maple syrup. Whole grains also help reduce the risks of many cancers and keep your digestive system running smoothly.

With yummy options like Unsweetened Pumpkin Spice or Sugar Free Raspberry Coconut there are so many options for people on restricted diets. For your fruit lovers, try Apple Date, Coconut and Honey, or Apple Roasted Chestnut Fig. Itís even great sprinkled on pancakes or mixed with dried fruits and nuts for a delicious trail mix.

We even have a line of diabetic friendly, unsweetened granola and we carry sugar free granola with stevia.
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