Around here, food has always been a family event from making it to eating it. So, in 2011 we decided to help make our mom's life long dream of selling her granola into a reality. We started out with a beat up old card table, three different flavors of all natural granola, and ten flavors of the best peanut butter out there. Now, we are in our third season. Our peanut butter brand has expanded include over 60 flavors of natural peanut butter, 12 flavors of sunflower butter, 8 flavors of raw almond butter, 20 flavors of artisan jam, 10 flavors of crunchy granola including our unique line of unsweetened granolas, flavored oatmeals, and tons of whole grains.
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All of our all natrual products are handcrafted right here in the heart of Michigan. We are located in Brighton, MI. Even in Michigan's struggling economy we have been welcomed with open arms by our loyal Michigan customers and the word about our all natural products is spreading throughout the United States. We even ship all natural products as far as Puerto Rico and Alaska. It's clear that people everywhere love natural peanut butter and raw almond butter. Who doesn't love a warm bowl of organic oatmeal for breakfast? Nothing says love like waking up to some hot off the griddle pancakes smothered in Strawberry Banana Jam or Chocolate Butterscotch Peanut Butter.

Our all natural product line is always expanding as we add new flavors of healthy peanut butter, natural almond butter, and organic cereals. Plus, we are always looking to add to our line of gluten free snacks like banana chips, trail mix, raw sunflower seeds, and more. Gluten free snacking is really important to us as Celiac disease runs in our family. All of our natural peanut butters and artisan jams are gluten free.

If you are interested in carrying our all natural products in your retail store, please contact us. We have a helpful sales staff who can answer all of your questions, competitive wholesale prices, and we love doing in store demos to help you promote new gluten free products.

So, if you are looking for the best peanut butter, freshly ground raw almond butter, or all natural granola, you've come to the right place. We are here to supply your family or your store with the healthiest peanut butter, the best almond butter and the crunchiest granola out there. Take a tour of our online shop to check out all of our great flavors. It's easy to get hooked on our all natural products. My favorite is our all natural granola line, especially our sugar free granolas.
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